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A Consultation and Training Simulator for Plastic Surgery enriched with AR, VR, 3D interaction technologies and semantic simulation. Funded by TEYDEB National Research Programme.

In this project, MR and CT data will be used to extract 3D models and visualized in mixed reality environments. With this 3D models and patient's critical data combined, an AI-based decision making algorithm will be utilized to consider all possible scenarios throughout a surgery work flow and findings will be presented to the surgeon for consultation. After the consultation, 3D models, namely biomodels, and implants will be printed by using a 3D printer.  Resulting knowledge, workflow and biomodels will be viusalized by augmented and virtual reality that will provide an invaluable treasure of learning materials for surgeon candidates.


*Kim, Youngjun & Kim, Hannah & Kim, Yong. (2017). Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Plastic Surgery: A Review. Archives of Plastic Surgery. 44. 179. 10.5999/aps.2017.44.3.179. 

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