Our Products

Hardware Products


Hardware Security Module (Mobil-DGM)

Rastgele: A true random number generator

PRIGM-2: A hardware crypto module for PCI interfaces

PRIGM-3: A portable crypto module for USB interfaces

PRIGM-CLOUD: An HSM for cloud security

Self-service Petrol Pumps

Induction Cooker/Warmer for large-scale enterprizes (hotels, cooking companies, etc.)

Industrial Washing Machine Control Unit

Soft Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines Control Units

Custom Relay Design

Software Products


ChaosTM a chaotic analysis and prediction tool

ERARGE Augmented Reality Tool (applied for indoor and outdoor environments, marker-based/markerless)

ERARGE Virtual Cities (Virtual city tours)

ERARGE Virtual Home Design (virtual selection of indoor furnitures and assets)

Vehicle and pedestrian frequency analyzer for surveillance cameras

Smart transportation for Urban Challenges - an integrated ontology (ERARGE Traffic Ontology+ Ontology for Transportation Networks+ CityGML)

3D Semantic Virtual City Tool

3D WEBGL applications

Mobile Signboard detection and analysis tool

Mobile virtual tour

COKBILSEM - Mobile eLearning Tool for Gifted Children


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