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What We Do

Hardware Technologıes

ERARGE is competent in hardware design and implementation. Some key technologies in ERARGE's HW portfolio are as follow:

-Embedded design

-Control and automation

-IC design and prototyping

-Power electronics

-Internet of Things

-Secure devices

-Parallel computing

-Analog & Digital IC Design for Smartcard

-FPGA (Verilog,VHDL) Based Systems


ERARGE is competent in hardware design and implementation. Some key technologies in ERARGE's HW portfolio are as follow:

-Hardware Security Module (Mobil-DGM)

-Rastgele: A true random number generator

-PRIGM-2: A hardware crypto module for PCI interfaces

-PRIGM-3: A portable crypto module for USB interfaces

-PRIGM-CLOUD: An HSM for cloud security

-Self-service Petrol Pumps

-Induction Cooker/Warmer for large-scale enterprizes (hotels, cooking companies, etc.)

-Industrial Washing Machine Control Unit

-Soft Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines Control Units

-Custom Relay Design

Software technologıes

ERARGE has a great expertise in software technologies. ERARGE develops cutting-edge solutions within the following portfolio:

-Chaotic analysis, prediction and modelling

-Statistical analysis and bootstrapping methods

-Computer vision, image/video processing

-Augmented and virtual reality, Serious games

-Semantic WEB, ontology design and smart queries

-IoT high level software

-Mobile applications


ERARGE has implemented products and midproducts in the following fields:

-ChaosTM a chaotic analysis and prediction tool

-ERARGE Augmented Reality Tool (applied for indoor and outdoor environments, marker-based/markerless)

-ERARGE Virtual Cities (Virtual city tours)

-ERARGE Virtual Home Design (virtual selection of indoor furnitures and assets)

-Vehicle and pedestrian frequency analyzer for surveillance cameras

-Smart transportation for Urban Challenges - an integrated ontology (ERARGE Traffic Ontology+ Ontology for Transportation Networks+ CityGML)

-3D Semantic Virtual City Tool

-3D WEBGL applications

-Mobile Signboard detection and analysis tool

-Mobile virtual tour

Systems engıneerıng

ERARGE is also experienced in system-level solutions where ERARGE's hardware and software competences meet. Some foremost solutions are as follow:

E2SIS - Energy Efficient Smart Induction System: An IoT based induction cooker/warmer system where too many endpoint devices are connected to a central server and the users can monitor food production and consumption processes.

PRIGM-Cloud Security Solution: Hardware Security Modules connected over a cloud to provide data and transaction security

SENSTATION: Sensor stations that are connected to each other for the purpose of gathering environmental data like humidity, temperature, CO, CO2, etc.

ERARGE Traffic Management System: Applied in Pendik to assess the effects of urban transformation in a pilot area


Ergünler LTD.ŞTİ. offers a professional discipline that deals with the civil engineering, architecture, estate and construction processes including the following activities:




-Supply chain management

-Overall Management


of infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities and other projects.


ERARGE has provided support to Turkish industry by sharing its expertise and experiences. ERARGE has given consultancy to various companies in the follwing fields:

-Identifying innovation potential of companies with regard to national and international projects

-Sharing expertise in the assessment of national science and innovation strategy in comparison with Japanese innovation strategy

-Preparation of national and international project proposals:


  • Development agency

  • H2020


  • Joint initiatives


-Designing large-scale security infrastructures

-Design and implementation of Public Key Infrastructure

-Contribution to national and regional development strategies in Turkey (Eastern Marmara, Western Mediterrenean)


Upon request from Turkish industry, ERARGE takes the responsibility of training interested experts, students or other stakeholders. So far, ERARGE has served training in the following topics:

-FPGA Programming with VHDL

-Microelectronics design

-Advanced Computer Vision and Multimedia Technologies (Graduate Course in Gebze Technical University)

-Biometric Technologies

-How to write succesfull European Project Proposals


ERARGE is also active in varous fields. Among these;

-Mining, marbles industry

-Physical health, eHealth

-Automation Systems for Landfill Gas Power

-Solar power plants

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