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Who We Are


We aim to deliver technology services with an underpinning set of principles: community satisfaction, Research and Innovation leadership, staff development, fiscal management, and rock-solid services. Using these areas of focus, we guide technology decision-making and service delivery for the ERARGE team and its related community netwok.

Community Satisfaction - We deliver our services with consideration of the users, covering all stakeholders, not solely from only a technological point of view. When we select technology and offer services, usability and accessibility is a priority. We inform and involve the community in our decision-making processes. (e.g co-design and participative approach in our C3PO project)

Research and Innovation Leadership - We leverage new and emerging technology trends; which are built on the achievements of our deep research activities and our vision to promote innovation and creativity to find solutions that delight the community. We communicate transparently, and invite all those who represent broad perspectives to share knowledge and information through communities of practice.

Staff Development - We invest in training and development of the technology staff and the wider community to enhance technical and non-technical skills and growth, and create frameworks to enable and foster communication and collaboration throughout the organization. We strongly support academic careers within joint MS, PHD or post-doc programmes.

Fiscal Management - Our investment decisions reflect careful evaluation of the Ergunler's strategic goals; expected benefits and outcomes, costs, and risks; and technical and data architectural impact and fit. We strive for transparency, predictability, and simplicity in our costs as represented in charges and assessments.

Rock-Solid Services - We provide services that meet or exceed community expectations. We deliver final end products, midproducts, concrete solutions, custom solutions, contribution to scientific literature, patents, projects and collaborative studies.

Communications Excellence - Communications Excellence encompasses both the way we communicate with the related community and also with each other. It serves as a call to improve the methods and frequency with which we keep the community informed about our services, technical changes, and project statuses.

Who We Are

Ergünler Co., with its more than 80 employees, is an SME which has been operating in ICT, security and defense, energy, construction, oil, manufacturing and mining sectors since 1975.

ERARGE Research Center is the R&D Branch of Ergünler Co. which employs young and experienced researchers. The research team has 3 PHDs, 1 academician, 5 experienced and 5 junior researchers working on hardware and software technologies.

ERARGE core research team has contributed to scientific literature and industry by consolidating its theoric and practical competences on the way to a more renowned organization by means of science, technology and industry. ERARGE has proven its competence by owning 4 interntional PCT patents, publishing more than 60 papers in top journals and conferences, 2 best-paper awards, 7 ongoing/finished national/international projects and thousands of end products operating in field.


Ergünler Industry and Trade Limited Company

Was established in Isparta in 1975 as a private company firstly operating in construction sector

Revised its strategy to focused on R&D in 1992

Became a Limited Company and opened a branch in İstanbul in 1996

Established an affiliated company: CAN BETON

İstanbul Branch became a Research Center, called ERARGE, in 2015

Today has more than 80 staff 

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